Title 17 Chapter 27a

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Chapter 27aCounty Land Use, Development, and Management Act (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title.
Section 102 Purposes -- General land use authority.
Section 103 Definitions.
Section 104 Stricter requirements.
Section 201 Required notice.
Section 202 Applicant notice -- Waiver of requirements.
Section 203 Notice of intent to prepare a general plan or comprehensive general plan amendments in certain counties.
Section 204 Notice of public hearings and public meetings to consider general plan or modifications.
Section 205 Notice of public hearings and public meetings on adoption or modification of land use ordinance.
Section 206 Third party notice.
Section 207 Notice for an amendment to a subdivision -- Notice for vacation of or change to street.
Section 208 Hearing and notice for proposal to vacate a public street, right-of-way, or easement.
Section 209 Notice challenge.
Section 210 Notice to county when a private institution of higher education is constructing student housing.
Section 211 Canal owner or operator -- Notice to county.
Section 212 Notice for an amendment to public improvements in a subdivision or development.
Section 301 Ordinance establishing planning commission required -- Exception -- Ordinance requirements -- Township planning commission -- Compensation.
Section 302 Planning commission powers and duties.
Section 303 Entrance upon land.
Section 304 State and federal property.
Section 305 Other entities required to conform to county's land use ordinances -- Exceptions -- School districts and charter schools -- Submission of development plan and schedule.
Section 306 Townships.
Section 307 Certain township planning and zoning board dissolved.
Section 401 General plan required -- Content -- Provisions related to radioactive waste facility.
Section 402 Information and technical assistance from the state.
Section 403 Plan preparation.
Section 404 Public hearing by planning commission on proposed general plan or amendment -- Notice -- Revisions to general plan or amendment -- Adoption or rejection by legislative body.
Section 405 Effect of general plan.
Section 406 Public uses to conform to general plan.
Section 407 Effect of official maps.
Section 408 Biennial review of moderate income housing element of general plan.
Section 409 State to indemnify county regarding refusal to site nuclear waste -- Terms and conditions.
Section 501 Authority to enact land use ordinances and zoning map.
Section 502 Preparation and adoption of land use ordinance or zoning map.
Section 503 Land use ordinance or zoning map amendments.
Section 504 Temporary land use regulations.
Section 505 Zoning districts.
Section 505.5 Limit on single family designation.
Section 506 Conditional uses.
Section 507 Exactions -- Exaction for water interest -- Requirement to offer to original owner property acquired by exaction.
Section 508 Applicant's entitlement to land use application approval -- Exceptions -- Application relating to land in a high priority transportation corridor -- County's requirements and limitations -- Vesting upon submission of development plan and schedule.
Section 509 Limit on fees -- Requirement to itemize fees -- Appeal of fee -- Provider of culinary or secondary water.
Section 509.5 Review for application completeness -- Substantive application review -- Reasonable diligence required for determination of whether improvements or warranty work meets standards -- Money damages claim prohibited.
Section 509.7 Transferable development rights.
Section 510 Nonconforming uses and noncomplying structures.
Section 511 Termination of a billboard and associated rights.
Section 512 County's acquisition of billboard by eminent domain -- Removal without providing compensation -- Limit on allowing nonconforming billboard to be rebuilt or replaced -- Validity of county permit after issuance of state permit.
Section 513 Manufactured homes.
Section 514 Regulation of amateur radio antennas.
Section 515 Regulation of residential facilities for persons with disabilities.
Section 519 Licensing of residences for persons with a disability.
Section 520 Wetlands.
Section 521 Refineries.
Section 522 Parcel boundary adjustment.
Section 523 Boundary line agreement.
Section 524 Site plan.
Section 601 Enactment of subdivision ordinance.
Section 602 Planning commission preparation and recommendation of subdivision ordinance -- Adoption or rejection by legislative body.
Section 603 Plat required when land is subdivided -- Approval of plat -- Recording plat.
Section 604 Subdivision plat approval procedure -- Effect of not complying.
Section 604.5 Subdivision plat recording or development activity before required infrastructure is completed -- Infrastructure completion assurance -- Infrastructure warranty.
Section 605 Exemptions from plat requirement.
Section 606 Common or community area parcels on a plat -- No separate ownership -- Ownership interest equally divided among other parcels on plat and included in description of other parcels.
Section 607 Dedication of streets and other public places.
Section 608 Vacating or amending a subdivision plat.
Section 609 Land use authority approval of vacation or amendment of plat -- Recording the amended plat.
Section 609.5 Vacating a street, right-of-way, or easement.
Section 610 Restrictions for solar and other energy devices.
Section 611 Prohibited acts.
Section 701 Appeal authority required -- Condition precedent to judicial review -- Appeal authority duties.
Section 702 Variances.
Section 703 Appealing a land use authority's decision -- Panel of experts for appeals of geologic hazard decisions.
Section 704 Time to appeal.
Section 705 Burden of proof.
Section 706 Due process.
Section 707 Standard of review for appeals.
Section 708 Final decision.
Section 801 No district court review until administrative remedies exhausted -- Time for filing -- Tolling of time -- Standards governing court review -- Record on review -- Staying of decision.
Section 802 Enforcement.
Section 803 Penalties -- Notice.
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