Title 26 Chapter 8a

Title 26Utah Health Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 8aUtah Emergency Medical Services System Act (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title.
Section 102 Definitions.
Section 103 State Emergency Medical Services Committee -- Membership -- Expenses.
Section 104 Committee powers.
Section 105 Department powers.
Section 106 Waiver of rules.
Section 201 Public awareness efforts.
Section 202 Emergency medical communications.
Section 203 Data collection.
Section 204 Disaster coordination plan.
Section 205 Pediatric quality improvement program.
Section 206 Personnel stress management program.
Section 207 Emergency medical services grant program.
Section 208 Fees for training equipment rental, testing, and quality assurance reviews.
Section 250 Establishment of statewide trauma system.
Section 251 Trauma system advisory committee.
Section 252 Department duties.
Section 253 Statewide trauma registry and quality assurance program.
Section 254 Trauma center designations and guidelines.
Section 301 General requirement.
Section 302 Certification of emergency medical service personnel.
Section 303 Designation of emergency medical service providers.
Section 304 Permits for emergency medical service vehicles.
Section 305 Ambulance license required for emergency medical transport.
Section 306 Medical control.
Section 307 Patient destination.
Section 308 Exemptions.
Section 309 Out-of-state vehicles.
Section 310 Criminal background check.
Section 401 State regulation of emergency medical services market.
Section 402 Exclusive geographic service areas.
Section 403 Establishment of maximum rates.
Section 404 Ground ambulance and paramedic licenses -- Application and department review.
Section 405 Ground ambulance and paramedic licenses -- Agency notice of approval.
Section 405.1 Selection of provider by political subdivision.
Section 405.2 Selection of provider -- Request for competitive sealed proposal -- Public convenience and necessity.
Section 405.3 Use of competitive sealed proposals -- Procedure -- Appeal rights.
Section 405.4 Non-911 provider -- Finding of meritorious complaint -- Request for proposals.
Section 405.5 Use of competitive sealed proposals -- Procedure -- Appeal rights.
Section 406 Ground ambulance and paramedic licenses -- Parties.
Section 407 Ground ambulance and paramedic licenses -- Proceedings.
Section 408 Criteria for determining public convenience and necessity.
Section 409 Ground ambulance and paramedic licenses -- Hearing and presiding officers.
Section 410 Local approvals.
Section 411 Limitation on repetitive applications.
Section 412 License for air ambulance providers.
Section 413 License renewals.
Section 414 Annexations.
Section 415 Changes in ownership.
Section 416 Transition to eliminate inconsistent licenses.
Section 501 Discrimination.
Section 502 Illegal activity.
Section 503 Discipline of emergency medical services personnel.
Section 504 Discipline of designated and licensed providers.
Section 505 Service interruption or cessation -- Receivership -- Default coverage -- Notice.
Section 506 Investigations for enforcement of chapter.
Section 507 Cease and desist orders.
Section 601 Persons and activities exempt from civil liability.
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