Title 41 Chapter 6a

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Chapter 6aTraffic Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect) (Download Future Sections: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title.
Section 102 Definitions.
Section 201 Chapter relates to vehicles on highways -- Exceptions.
Section 202 Violations of chapter -- Penalties -- Acceptance of plea of guilty.
Section 203 Attempt, conspiracy, or other violations of chapter.
Section 204 Requiring or knowingly permitting driver to unlawfully operate vehicle.
Section 205 Government-owned vehicles subject to chapter.
Section 206 Conflict with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
Section 207 Uniform application of chapter -- Effect of local ordinances.
Section 208 Regulatory powers of local highway authorities -- Traffic-control device affecting state highway -- Necessity of erecting traffic-control devices.
Section 209 Obedience to peace officer or other traffic controllers -- Speeding in construction zones.
Section 210 Failure to respond to officer's signal to stop -- Fleeing -- Causing property damage or bodily injury -- Suspension of driver's license -- Forfeiture of vehicle -- Penalties.
Section 212 Emergency vehicles -- Policy regarding vehicle pursuits -- Applicability of traffic law to highway work vehicles -- Exemptions.
Section 213 Persons riding or driving animals subject to chapter -- Exceptions.
Section 214 Quasi-public roads and parking areas -- Local ordinances.
Section 215 Right of real property owner to regulate traffic.
Section 216 Removal of plants or other obstructions impairing view -- Notice to owner -- Penalty.
Section 217 Volunteers may be authorized to enforce certain parking provisions.
Section 301 Standards and specifications for uniform system of traffic-control devices and school crossing guards.
Section 302 Placing and maintenance on state highways -- Restrictions on local authorities.
Section 303 Definition of reduced speed school zone -- Operation of warning lights -- School crossing guard requirements -- Responsibility provisions -- Rulemaking authority.
Section 304 Obeying devices -- Effect of improper position, illegibility, or absence -- Presumption of lawful placement and compliance with chapter.
Section 305 Traffic-control signal -- At intersections -- At place other than intersection -- Color of light signal -- Inoperative traffic-control signals -- Affirmative defense.
Section 306 Pedestrian traffic-control signals -- Rights and duties.
Section 307 Flashing red or yellow signals -- Rights and duties of operators -- Railroad grade crossings excluded.
Section 308 Lane use control signals -- Colors.
Section 309 Prohibition of unauthorized signs, signals, lights, or markings -- Commercial advertising -- Public nuisance -- Removal.
Section 310 Private vehicle as emergency vehicle -- Rules.
Section 311 Interference with traffic-control devices prohibited -- Traffic signal preemption device prohibited -- Exceptions -- Defense.
Section 401 Accident involving property damage -- Duties of operator, occupant, and owner -- Exchange of information -- Notification of law enforcement -- Penalties.
Section 401.3 Accident involving injury -- Stop at accident -- Penalty.
Section 401.5 Accident involving death -- Stop at accident -- Penalty.
Section 401.7 Accident involving injury, death, or property damage -- Duties of operator, occupant, and owner -- Exchange of information -- Notification of law enforcement -- Penalties.
Section 401.9 Authority to remove and dispose of vehicles and cargoes of vehicles involved in accidents.
Section 402 Accident reports -- Duty of operator and investigative officer to file.
Section 403 Vehicle accidents -- Investigation and report of operator security -- Agency action if no security -- Surrender of plates -- Penalties.
Section 404 Accident reports -- When confidential -- Insurance policy information -- Use as evidence -- Penalty for false information.
Section 405 Garage keeper to report damaged vehicle without damage sticker.
Section 406 Statistical information regarding accidents -- Annual publication.
Section 407 Livestock on highway -- Restrictions -- Collision, action for damages.
Section 408 Peace officer investigating accident to notify owner if livestock or broken fence involved -- Exempt from liability.
Section 409 Prohibition of flat response fee for motor vehicle accident.
Section 501 Definitions.
Section 502 Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both or with specified or unsafe blood alcohol concentration -- Reporting of convictions.
Section 502.5 Impaired driving -- Penalty -- Reporting of convictions -- Sentencing requirements.
Section 503 Penalties for driving under the influence violations.
Section 504 Defense not available for driving under the influence violation.
Section 505 Sentencing requirements for driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both violations.
Section 506 Electronic monitoring requirements for certain driving under the influence violations.
Section 507 Supervised probation for certain driving under the influence violations.
Section 508 Arrest without a warrant for a driving under the influence violation.
Section 509 Driver license suspension or revocation for a driving under the influence violation.
Section 510 Local DUI and related ordinances and reckless driving and impaired driving ordinances -- Consistent with code.
Section 511 Courts to collect and maintain data.
Section 512 Factual basis for alcohol or drug-related reckless driving plea.
Section 513 Acceptance of plea of guilty to DUI -- Restrictions -- Verification of prior violations -- Prosecutor to examine defendant's record.
Section 514 Procedures -- Adjudicative proceedings.
Section 515 Standards for chemical breath or oral fluids analysis -- Evidence.
Section 516 Admissibility of chemical test results in actions for driving under the influence -- Weight of evidence.
Section 517 Definitions -- Driving with any measurable controlled substance in the body -- Penalties -- Arrest without warrant.
Section 518 Ignition interlock devices -- Use -- Probationer to pay cost -- Impecuniosity -- Fee.
Section 518.1 Tampering with an ignition interlock system.
Section 518.2 Interlock restricted driver -- Penalties for operation without ignition interlock system.
Section 519 Municipal attorneys for specified offenses may prosecute for certain DUI offenses and driving while license is suspended or revoked.
Section 520 Implied consent to chemical tests for alcohol or drug -- Number of tests -- Refusal -- Warning, report.
Section 521 Revocation hearing for refusal -- Appeal.
Section 522 Person incapable of refusal.
Section 523 Persons authorized to draw blood -- Immunity from liability.
Section 524 Refusal as evidence.
Section 525 Reporting test results -- Immunity from liability.
Section 526 Drinking alcoholic beverage and open containers in motor vehicle prohibited -- Definitions -- Exceptions.
Section 527 Seizure and impoundment of vehicles by peace officers -- Impound requirements -- Removal of vehicle by owner.
Section 528 Reckless driving -- Penalty.
Section 529 Definitions -- Alcohol restricted drivers.
Section 530 Alcohol restricted drivers -- Prohibited from operating a vehicle while having any measurable or detectable amount of alcohol in the person's body -- Penalties.
Section 601 Speed regulations -- Safe and appropriate speeds at certain locations -- Prima facie speed limits -- Emergency power of the governor.
Section 602 Speed limits established on state highways.
Section 603 Speed limits established by counties and municipalities.
Section 604 Maximum speed in a school zone -- Penalty -- Minimum fines -- Compensatory service -- Waiver -- Recordkeeping.
Section 604.5 Speeding in a school zone complaint procedure.
Section 605 Minimum speed regulations.
Section 606 Speed contest or exhibition on highway -- Barricade or obstruction.
Section 607 Speed violation -- Complaint -- Civil negligence.
Section 608 Photo radar -- Restrictions on use.
Section 609 Radar jamming devices and jamming radar prohibited -- Defense -- Exceptions -- Penalties.
Section 701 Duty to operate vehicle on right side of roadway -- Exceptions.
Section 702 Left lane restrictions -- Exceptions -- Other lane restrictions -- Penalties.
Section 703 Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions.
Section 704 Overtaking and passing vehicles proceeding in same direction.
Section 705 Passing upon right -- When permissible.
Section 706 Limitation on passing -- Prohibitions.
Section 706.5 Definitions -- Operation of motor vehicle near a vulnerable user of a highway prohibited -- Endangering a vulnerable user of a highway prohibited.
Section 707 Limitations on driving on left side of road -- Exceptions.
Section 708 Signs and markings on roadway -- No-passing zones -- Exceptions.
Section 709 One-way traffic.
Section 710 Roadway divided into marked lanes -- Provisions -- Traffic-control devices.
Section 711 Following another vehicle -- Safe distance -- Exceptions.
Section 712 Divided highway -- Use of right-hand side -- Crossing only where permitted.
Section 713 Driving over gore area or island prohibited -- Exceptions -- Penalties.
Section 714 Freeway and controlled-access highways -- Driving onto and from highways where permitted.
Section 715 Controlled-access highways -- Prohibiting use by class or kind of traffic -- Traffic-control devices.
Section 716 Driving on tollway without paying toll prohibited.
Section 717 Use of runaway vehicle ramps.
Section 801 Turning -- Manner -- Traffic-control devices.
Section 802 Turning around -- Where prohibited -- Visibility.
Section 803 Moving a vehicle -- Safety.
Section 804 Turning or changing lanes -- Safety -- Signals -- Stopping or sudden decrease in speed -- Signal flashing -- Where prohibited.
Section 901 Right-of-way between vehicles -- Unregulated intersection.
Section 902 Right-of-way -- Stop or yield signals -- Yield -- Collisions at intersections or junctions of roadways -- Evidence.
Section 903 Yield right-of-way -- Vehicle turning left -- Entering or crossing highway other than from another roadway -- Merging lanes.
Section 904 Approaching emergency vehicle -- Necessary signals -- Stationary emergency vehicle -- Duties of respective operators.
Section 905 Vehicle or pedestrian working upon highway -- Right-of-way.
Section 906 Designation of through highways -- Stop signs, yield signs, and traffic-control devices -- Designation of intersections as locations for preferential right-of-way treatment.
Section 907 Vehicles emerging from alleys, buildings, private roads, or driveways must stop prior to sidewalk area or street.
Section 1001 Pedestrians subject to traffic-control devices -- Other controls.
Section 1002 Pedestrians' right-of-way -- Duty of pedestrian.
Section 1003 Pedestrians yielding right-of-way -- Limits on pedestrians.
Section 1004 Emergency vehicle -- Necessary signals -- Duties of operator -- Pedestrian to yield.
Section 1005 Limitation on pedestrians related to railroad grade crossings or bridges.
Section 1006 Vehicles to exercise due care to avoid pedestrians -- Audible signals and caution.
Section 1007 Operators to yield right-of-way to blind pedestrian -- Duties of blind pedestrian -- Use of cane -- Failure to yield -- Liability.
Section 1008 Vehicle crossing sidewalk -- Operator to yield.
Section 1009 Use of roadway by pedestrians -- Prohibited activities.
Section 1010 Unmarked crosswalk locations -- Restrictions on pedestrian.
Section 1011 Pedestrian vehicles.
Section 1101 Parents and guardians may not authorize child's violation of chapter.
Section 1102 Bicycle and device propelled by human power and moped riders subject to chapter -- Exception.
Section 1103 Carrying more persons than design permits prohibited -- Exception.
Section 1104 Persons on bicycles, mopeds, skates, and sleds not to attach to moving vehicles -- Exception.
Section 1105 Operation of bicycle or moped on and use of roadway -- Duties, prohibitions.
Section 1106 Bicycles and human powered vehicle or device to yield right-of-way to pedestrians on sidewalks, paths, or trails -- Uses prohibited -- Negligent collision prohibited -- Speed restrictions -- Rights and duties same as pedestrians.
Section 1107 Bicycles -- Parking on sidewalk, roadway -- Prohibitions.
Section 1108 Bicycles and mopeds -- Turns -- Designated lanes.
Section 1109 Bicycles and mopeds -- Turn signals -- Exceptions.
Section 1110 Bicycle and moped inspections -- At request of officer.
Section 1111 Bicycle racing -- When approved -- Prohibitions -- Exceptions -- Authorized exemptions from traffic laws.
Section 1112 Bicycles and mopeds -- Carrying bundle -- One hand on handlebars.
Section 1113 Bicycle -- Prohibited equipment -- Brakes required.
Section 1114 Bicycles -- Lamps and reflective material required.
Section 1115 Motor assisted scooters -- Conflicting provisions -- Restrictions -- Penalties.
Section 1116 Electric personal assistive mobility devices -- Conflicting provisions -- Restrictions -- Penalties.
Section 1116.5 Local ordinances regulating electric personal assistive mobility devices.
Section 1117 Mini-motorcycle restrictions -- Exceptions.
Section 1118 Mobility vehicles.
Section 1201 Driving on tracks.
Section 1202 Driving through safety zone.
Section 1203 Railroad grade crossing -- Duty to stop -- Malfunctions and school buses -- Driving through, around, or under gate or barrier prohibited.
Section 1204 Trains -- Interference with vehicles limited.
Section 1205 Railroad grade crossings -- Certain vehicles must stop -- Exceptions -- Rules.
Section 1206 Railroad crossing duties respecting crawler type tractor, power shovel, derrick, or other equipment or structure.
Section 1301 Standards and specifications for lighting and special warning devices on school buses.
Section 1302 School bus -- Signs and light signals -- Flashing amber lights -- Flashing red lights -- Passing school bus -- Duty to stop -- Travel in opposite direction -- Penalties.
Section 1303 Passing a school bus complaint procedure.
Section 1304 School buses -- Rules regarding design and operation.
Section 1305 Violation of rules -- Penalty.
Section 1306 School buses removed from service -- Removal of markings -- Repainting -- School district not to bear expense -- Infraction.
Section 1307 School bus parking zones -- Establishment -- Uniform markings -- Penalty.
Section 1308 School bus idling standards.
Section 1309 Advertising on a school bus.
Section 1401 Standing or parking vehicles -- Restrictions and exceptions.
Section 1402 Stopping or parking on roadways -- Angle parking -- Traffic-control devices prohibiting or restricting.
Section 1403 Motor vehicle left unattended -- Requirements.
Section 1404 Stopping or parking on roadway outside business or residential district.
Section 1405 Peace officer authorized to move vehicle.
Section 1406 Removal and impoundment of vehicles -- Reporting and notification requirements -- Administrative impound fee -- Refunds -- Possessory lien -- Rulemaking.
Section 1407 Removal of unattended vehicles prohibited without authorization -- Penalties.
Section 1408 Abandoned vehicles -- Removal by peace officer -- Report -- Vehicle identification.
Section 1409 Vehicle immobilization devices -- Definitions -- Notice requirements -- Maximum removal fee.
Section 1501 Motorcycle or motor-driven cycle -- Place for operator to ride -- Passengers.
Section 1502 Motorcycles, motor-driven cycles, or all-terrain type I vehicles -- Operation on public highways.
Section 1503 Motorcycle or motor-driven cycle -- Attaching to another vehicle prohibited.
Section 1504 Motorcycle or motor-driven cycle -- Footrests for passenger -- Height of handlebars limited.
Section 1505 Motorcycle or motor-driven cycle -- Protective headgear -- Closed cab excepted -- Electric assisted bicycles, motor assisted scooters, electric personal assistive mobility devices.
Section 1506 Motorcycles -- Required equipment -- Brakes.
Section 1507 Custom vehicles -- Defined -- Compliance with all laws and standards -- Exceptions -- Revocation -- Signed statement required.
Section 1508 Low-speed vehicle.
Section 1509 Street-legal all-terrain vehicle -- Operation on highways -- Registration and licensing requirements -- Equipment requirements.
Section 1601 Operation of unsafe or improperly equipped vehicles on public highways -- Exceptions.
Section 1602 Permit to operate vehicle in violation of equipment regulations.
Section 1603 Lights and illuminating devices -- Duty to display -- Time.
Section 1604 Motor vehicle head lamp, tail lamps, stop lamps, and other lamps -- Requirements.
Section 1605 Vehicles operated in combination.
Section 1606 Load extending beyond rear of vehicle -- Duty to display lamps and reflectors or flag.
Section 1607 Parking lamps required -- Use when vehicle parked at night -- Head lamps dimmed.
Section 1608 Farm tractors and equipment -- Lamps and reflectors -- Slow-moving vehicle emblem.
Section 1609 Lamps and reflectors on vehicles not otherwise specified -- Slow-moving vehicle identification emblems on animal-drawn vehicles.
Section 1610 Spot lamps.
Section 1611 Hazard warning lamps.
Section 1612 Back-up lamps -- Side marker lamps.
Section 1613 Lamp required for operation of vehicle on highway or adjacent shoulder -- Dimming of lights.
Section 1614 Head lamps on farm tractors -- Motor vehicles sold prior to certain date.
Section 1616 High intensity beams -- Red or blue lights -- Flashing lights -- Color of rear lights and reflectors.
Section 1617 Highway construction and maintenance vehicles -- Transportation department to adopt rules for lighting.
Section 1618 Sale or use of unapproved lighting equipment or devices prohibited.
Section 1619 Sale of unapproved equipment prohibited -- Trademark or brand name.
Section 1620 Departmental approval of lighting devices or safety equipment.
Section 1621 Departmental hearings -- Compliance of approved devices -- Revocation of approval -- Reapproval.
Section 1622 Purchase and testing of equipment by department -- Prohibition against sale of substandard devices -- Injunction -- Review -- Appeal.
Section 1623 Braking systems required -- Adoption of performance requirements by department.
Section 1624 Failure to repair a damaged or deployed airbag -- Penalty.
Section 1625 Horns and warning devices -- Emergency vehicles.
Section 1626 Mufflers -- Prevention of noise, smoke, and fumes -- Air pollution control devices.
Section 1627 Mirrors.
Section 1628 Seat belts -- Design and installation -- Specifications or requirements.
Section 1629 Vehicles subject to Sections 41-6a-1629 through 41-6a-1633 -- Definitions.
Section 1630 Standards applicable to vehicles.
Section 1631 Prohibitions.
Section 1632 Bumpers.
Section 1633 Mudguards or flaps at rear wheels of trucks, trailers, truck tractors, or altered motor vehicles -- Exemptions.
Section 1634 Safety chains on towed vehicles required -- Exceptions.
Section 1635 Windshields and windows -- Tinting -- Obstructions reducing visibility -- Wipers -- Prohibitions.
Section 1636 Tires which are prohibited -- Regulatory powers of state transportation department -- Winter use of studs -- Special permits -- Tread depth.
Section 1637 Flares, fusees, or electric lanterns and flags -- Alternative reflector units -- Duty to carry in trucks and buses -- Requirements.
Section 1638 Warning signal around disabled vehicle -- Time and place.
Section 1639 Hazardous materials -- Transportation regulations -- Fire extinguishers.
Section 1640 Air conditioning equipment -- Requirements.
Section 1641 Video display in motor vehicles prohibited if visible to driver -- Exceptions.
Section 1642 Emissions inspection -- County program.
Section 1643 Development of standardized emissions inspection and maintenance program.
Section 1644 Diesel emissions program -- Implementation -- Monitoring -- Exemptions.
Section 1701 Backing -- When permissible.
Section 1702 Sidewalk -- Driving prohibited -- Exception.
Section 1703 Prohibition as to passenger riding on improper portion of motor vehicle -- Exceptions.
Section 1704 Vehicle door -- Prohibited opening.
Section 1705 Obstruction to driver's view or driving mechanism.
Section 1706 Occupancy of a trailer or semitrailer while being moved on highway prohibited.
Section 1707 Entering intersection, crosswalk, or railroad grade -- Sufficient space required.
Section 1708 Driving in canyons and on mountain highways.
Section 1709 Coasting prohibited.
Section 1710 Following near an authorized emergency vehicle or parking near fire apparatus prohibited.
Section 1711 Driving over firehose.
Section 1712 Destructive or injurious materials on highways -- Throwing lighted material from moving vehicle -- Enforcement officers.
Section 1713 Penalty for littering on a highway.
Section 1714 Warning signs.
Section 1715 Careless driving defined and prohibited.
Section 1716 Prohibition on using a handheld wireless communication device while operating a moving motor vehicle -- Exceptions -- Penalties.
Section 1717 Smoking in a vehicle prohibited when child is present -- Penalty -- Enforcement.
Section 1801 Short title.
Section 1802 Definitions.
Section 1803 Driver and passengers -- Seat belt or child restraint device required.
Section 1804 Exceptions.
Section 1805 Penalty for violation.
Section 1806 Compliance -- Civil litigation.
Section 1901 Applicability -- Law enforcement officer duties -- Documents and records -- Notice to Department of State.
Section 2001 Title.
Section 2002 Definitions.
Section 2003 Automatic license plate reader systems -- Restrictions.
Section 2004 Captured plate data -- Preservation and disclosure.
Section 2005 Preservation request.
Section 2006 Penalties.
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