Title 53A Chapter 17a

Title 53AState System of Public Education (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 17aMinimum School Program Act (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title.
Section 102 Purpose of chapter.
Section 103 Definitions.
Section 105 Powers and duties of State Board of Education to adjust Minimum School Program allocations.
Section 105.5 Flexibility in the use of program funds.
Section 106 Determination of weighted pupil units.
Section 107 Professional staff weighted pupil units.
Section 108 Weighted pupil units for small school district administrative costs -- Appropriation for charter school administrative costs.
Section 109 Necessarily existent small schools -- Computing additional weighted pupil units -- Consolidation of small schools.
Section 111 Weighted pupil units for programs for students with disabilities -- District allocation.
Section 111.5 Districts to provide class space for deaf and blind programs.
Section 112 Preschool special education appropriation -- Extended year program appropriation -- Appropriation for special education programs in state institutions -- Appropriations for stipends for special educators.
Section 113 Weighted pupil units for career and technical education programs -- Funding of approved programs -- Performance measures -- Qualifying criteria.
Section 114 Career and technical education program alternatives.
Section 116 Weighted pupil units for career and technical education set-aside programs.
Section 119 Appropriation for adult education programs.
Section 120.5 Appropriation for concurrent enrollment.
Section 124 Quality Teaching Block Grant Program -- State contributions.
Section 124.5 Appropriation for class size reduction.
Section 125 Appropriation for retirement and Social Security.
Section 126 State support of pupil transportation.
Section 127 Eligibility for state-supported transportation -- Approved bus routes -- Additional local tax.
Section 131.15 State contribution for the Electronic High School.
Section 131.17 State contribution for School LAND Trust Program.
Section 133 State-supported voted local levy authorized -- Election requirements -- State guarantee -- Reconsideration of the program.
Section 134 Board-approved leeway -- Purpose -- State support -- Disapproval.
Section 135 Minimum basic tax rate -- Certified revenue levy.
Section 136 Cost of operation and maintenance of minimum school program -- Division between state and school districts.
Section 139 Loss in student enrollment -- Board action.
Section 140 Contracts with teachers.
Section 141 Alternative programs.
Section 143 Federal Impact Aid Program -- Offset for underestimated allocations from the Federal Impact Aid Program.
Section 144 Contribution of state to cost of minimum school program -- Determination of amounts -- Levy on taxable property -- Disbursal -- Deficiency.
Section 145 Additional levy by district for debt service, school sites, buildings, buses, textbooks, and supplies.
Section 146 Reduction of district allocation based on insufficient revenues.
Section 147 Use of funds for approved programs -- Assessment of funded programs.
Section 150 K-3 Reading Improvement Program.
Section 151 Board leeway for reading improvement.
Section 153 Educator salary adjustments.
Section 154 Appropriation for school nurses.
Section 155 Appropriation for library books and electronic resources.
Section 156 Teacher Salary Supplement Program -- Appeal process.
Section 157 Teacher Salary Supplement Restricted Account.
Section 158 Stipends for special educators for additional days of work.
Section 159 Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative Centers Program.
Section 162 Beverley Taylor Sorenson Elementary Arts Learning Program.
Section 163 Performance-based Compensation Pilot Program.
Section 164 Board local levy -- State guarantee.
Section 165 Enhancement for Accelerated Students Program.
Section 166 Enhancement for At-Risk Students Program.
Section 167 Early intervention program -- Enhanced kindergarten program -- Educational technology.
Section 168 Appropriation for Title 1 Schools in Improvement Paraeducators Program.
Section 169 Student Leadership Skills Development Pilot Program.
Section 170 Grants for field trips to the State Capitol.
Section 171 Intergenerational Poverty Interventions Grant Program -- Definitions -- Grant requirements -- Reporting requirements.
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