Title 62A Chapter 15

Title 62AUtah Human Services Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 15Substance Abuse and Mental Health Act (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title.
Section 102 Definitions.
Section 103 Division -- Creation -- Responsibilities.
Section 104 Director -- Qualifications.
Section 105 Authority and responsibilities of division.
Section 105.2 Employment first emphasis on the provision of services.
Section 107 Authority to assess fees.
Section 108 Formula for allocation of funds to local substance abuse authorities and local mental health authorities.
Section 110 Contracts for substance abuse and mental health services -- Provisions -- Responsibilities.
Section 201 Title.
Section 202 Definitions.
Section 203 Teen substance abuse schools -- Establishment.
Section 204 Court order to attend substance abuse school -- Assessments.
Section 301 Commitment of minor to secure drug or alcohol facility or program -- Procedures -- Review.
Section 401 Alcohol training and education seminar.
Section 402 Rules for substance use disorder peer support specialist training and certification.
Section 501 DUI -- Legislative policy -- Rehabilitation treatment and evaluation -- Use of victim impact panels.
Section 502 Penalty for DUI conviction -- Amounts.
Section 502.5 Intoxicated Driver Rehabilitation Account -- Created.
Section 503 Assessments for DUI -- Use of money for rehabilitation programs, including victim impact panels -- Rulemaking power granted.
Section 504 Policy -- Alternatives to incarceration.
Section 601 Utah State Hospital.
Section 602 Definitions.
Section 603 Administration of state hospital -- Division -- Authority.
Section 604 Receipt of gift -- Transfer of persons from other institutions.
Section 605 Forensic Mental Health Coordinating Council -- Establishment and purpose.
Section 605.5 Admission of person in custody of Department of Corrections to state hospital -- Retransfer of person to Department of Corrections.
Section 607 Responsibility for cost of care.
Section 608 Local mental health authority -- Supervision and treatment of persons with a mental illness.
Section 609 Responsibility for education of school-aged children at the hospital -- Responsibility for noninstructional services.
Section 610 Objectives of state hospital and other facilities -- Persons who may be admitted to state hospital.
Section 611 Allocation of state hospital beds -- Formula.
Section 612 Allocation of pediatric state hospital beds -- Formula.
Section 613 Appointment of superintendent -- Qualifications -- Powers and responsibilities.
Section 614 Clinical director -- Appointment -- Conditions and procedure -- Duties.
Section 615 Forms.
Section 616 Persons entering state mentally ill.
Section 617 Expenses of voluntary patients.
Section 618 Designated examiners -- Fees.
Section 619 Liability of estate of person with a mental illness.
Section 620 Attempt to commit person contrary to requirements -- Penalty.
Section 621 Trespass -- Disturbance -- Penalty.
Section 622 Abduction of patient -- Penalty.
Section 623 Criminal's escape -- Penalty.
Section 624 Violations of this part -- Penalty.
Section 625 Voluntary admission of adults.
Section 626 Release from commitment.
Section 627 Release of voluntary patient -- Exceptions.
Section 628 Involuntary commitment -- Procedures.
Section 629 Temporary commitment -- Requirements and procedures.
Section 630 Mental health commissioners.
Section 631 Involuntary commitment under court order -- Examination -- Hearing -- Power of court -- Findings required -- Costs.
Section 632 Circumstances under which conditions justifying initial involuntary commitment shall be considered to continue to exist.
Section 633 Persons eligible for care or treatment by federal agency -- Continuing jurisdiction of state courts.
Section 634 Detention pending placement in custody.
Section 635 Notice of commitment.
Section 636 Periodic review -- Discharge.
Section 637 Release of patient to receive other treatment -- Placement in more restrictive environment -- Procedures.
Section 638 Reexamination of court order for commitment -- Procedures -- Costs.
Section 639 Standards for care and treatment.
Section 640 Mechanical restraints and medication -- Clinical record.
Section 641 Restrictions and limitations -- Civil rights and privileges.
Section 642 Habeas corpus.
Section 643 Confidentiality of information and records -- Exceptions -- Penalty.
Section 644 Additional powers of director -- Reports and records of division.
Section 645 Retrospective effect of provisions.
Section 646 Commitment and care of criminally insane.
Section 647 Severability.
Section 701 Definitions.
Section 702 Treatment and commitment of minors in the public mental health system.
Section 703 Residential and inpatient settings -- Commitment proceeding -- Child in physical custody of local mental health authority.
Section 704 Invasive treatment -- Due process proceedings.
Section 705 Commitment proceedings in juvenile court -- Criteria -- Custody.
Section 706 Parent advocate.
Section 707 Confidentiality of information and records -- Exceptions -- Penalty.
Section 708 Mechanical restraints -- Clinical record.
Section 709 Habeas corpus.
Section 710 Restrictions and limitations -- Civil rights and privileges.
Section 711 Standards for care and treatment.
Section 712 Responsibilities of the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.
Section 713 Contracts with local mental health authorities -- Provisions.
Section 801 Interstate compact on mental health -- Compact provisions.
Section 802 Requirement of conformity with this chapter.
Section 901 Establishment.
Section 902 Design and operation -- Security.
Section 1001 Definitions.
Section 1002 Declaration for mental health treatment.
Section 1003 Physician and provider responsibilities -- Provision of services contrary to declaration -- Revocation.
Section 1004 Declaration for mental health treatment -- Form.
Section 1101 Suicide prevention -- Reporting requirements.
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