Title 62A Chapter 2

Title 62AUtah Human Services Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 2Licensure of Programs and Facilities (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Definitions.
Section 102 Purpose of licensure.
Section 103 Office of Licensing -- Appointment -- Qualifications of director.
Section 106 Office responsibilities.
Section 108 Licensure requirements -- Expiration -- Renewal.
Section 108.1 Coordination of human services and educational services -- Licensing of programs -- Procedures.
Section 108.2 Licensing residential treatment programs and recovery residences -- Notification of local government.
Section 108.5 Notification requirement for child placing agencies that provide foster home services -- Rulemaking authority.
Section 108.8 Residential support program -- Temporary homeless youth shelter.
Section 109 License application -- Classification of information.
Section 110 Exclusions from chapter.
Section 111 Adjudicative proceedings.
Section 112 Violations -- Penalties.
Section 113 License revocation -- Suspension.
Section 115 Injunctive relief and other legal procedures.
Section 116 Violation -- Criminal penalties.
Section 117 Licensure of tribal foster homes.
Section 117.5 Foster care by a child's relative.
Section 118 Administrative inspections.
Section 119 Adoption of inspections, examinations, and studies.
Section 120 Criminal background checks -- Direct access to children or vulnerable adults.
Section 120.5 Pilot program for expedited background check of a qualified human services applicant.
Section 121 Access to abuse and neglect information.
Section 122 Access to vulnerable adult abuse and neglect information.
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