Title 75 Chapter 2

Title 75Utah Uniform Probate Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 2Intestate Succession and Wills (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Intestate succession.
Section 102 Intestate share of spouse.
Section 103 Share of heirs other than surviving spouse.
Section 104 Requirement of survival by 120 hours -- Individual in gestation.
Section 105 No taker.
Section 106 Definitions -- Per capita at each generation -- Terms in governing instruments.
Section 107 Kindred of half blood.
Section 109 Advancements.
Section 110 Debts to decedent.
Section 111 Alienage.
Section 112 Dower and curtesy abolished.
Section 113 Individuals related to decedent through two lines.
Section 114 Parent and child relationship.
Section 201 Definitions.
Section 202 Elective share -- Supplemental elective share amount -- Effect of election on statutory benefits -- Nondomicilary.
Section 203 Composition of the augmented estate.
Section 204 Decedent's net probate estate.
Section 205 Decedent's nonprobate transfers to others.
Section 206 Decedent's nonprobate transfers to the surviving spouse.
Section 207 Surviving spouse's property and nonprobate transfers to others -- Included property -- Time of valuation.
Section 208 Exclusions, valuation, and overlapping application.
Section 209 Sources from which elective share payable -- Elective share amount -- Unsatisfied balance.
Section 210 Personal liability of recipients.
Section 211 Proceeding for elective share -- Time limit.
Section 212 Right of election personal to surviving spouse -- Incapacitated surviving spouse -- Custodial trust.
Section 213 Waiver of right to elect and of other rights.
Section 214 Protection of payors and other third parties.
Section 301 Entitlement of spouse -- Premarital will.
Section 302 Omitted children.
Section 401 Exempt property and allowances -- Applicable law.
Section 402 Homestead allowance.
Section 403 Exempt property.
Section 404 Family allowance.
Section 405 Source, determination, and documentation.
Section 501 Who may make will.
Section 502 Execution -- Witnessed wills -- Holographic wills.
Section 503 Writings intended as wills.
Section 504 Self-proved will.
Section 505 Who may witness.
Section 506 Choice of law as to execution.
Section 507 Revocation by writing or by act.
Section 508 Revocation by change of circumstances.
Section 509 Revival of revoked will.
Section 510 Incorporation by reference.
Section 511 Testamentary additions to trusts.
Section 512 Events of independent significance.
Section 513 Separate writing identifying devise of certain types of tangible personal property.
Section 514 Contracts concerning succession.
Section 515 Penalty clause for contest.
Section 601 Scope.
Section 602 Will construed to pass all property and after-acquired property.
Section 603 Definitions -- Antilapse -- Deceased devisee -- Class gifts -- Substitute gifts.
Section 604 Failure of testamentary provision.
Section 605 Increase in securities -- Accessions.
Section 606 Nonademption of specific devises -- Unpaid proceeds of sale, condemnation, or insurance -- Sale by conservatory or agent.
Section 607 Nonexoneration.
Section 608 Exercise of power of appointment.
Section 609 Ademption by satisfaction.
Section 610 Marital deduction formulas -- Wills.
Section 611 Direction to pay taxes in will.
Section 701 Scope.
Section 702 Requirement of survival by 120 hours -- Under probate code or governing instrument -- Co-owners -- Exceptions -- Protection of payors, third parties, and bona fide purchasers -- Personal liability of recipient.
Section 703 Choice of law as to meaning and effect of governing instrument.
Section 704 Power of appointment -- Meaning of specific reference requirement.
Section 705 Class gifts construed to accord with intestate succession.
Section 706 Definitions -- Life insurance -- Retirement plan -- Account with POD designation -- Transfer-on-death registration -- Deceased beneficiary -- Substitute gift -- Protection of payors and bona fide purchasers -- Personal liability of recipient.
Section 707 Definitions -- Survivorship with respect to future interests under terms of trust -- Substitute takers.
Section 708 Class gifts to "descendants," "issue," or "heirs of the body" -- Form of distribution if none specified.
Section 709 Definitions -- Representation -- Per capita at each generation -- Per stirpes.
Section 710 Worthier-title doctrine abolished.
Section 711 Interests in "heirs" and like.
Section 801 Disclaimer of property interests -- Time -- Form -- Effect -- Waiver and bar -- Remedy not exclusive -- Application.
Section 802 Effect of divorce, annulment, and decree of separation.
Section 803 Definitions -- Effect of homicide on intestate succession, wills, trusts, joint assets, life insurance, and beneficiary designations -- Forfeiture -- Revocation.
Section 804 Definitions -- Revocation of probate and nonprobate transfers by divorce -- Effect of severance -- Revival -- Protection of payors, third parties, and bona fide purchasers -- Personal liability of recipient -- No revocation by other changes of circumstances.
Section 805 Reformation to correct mistakes.
Section 806 Modification to achieve transferor's tax objectives.
Section 901 Deposit of will with court in testator's lifetime.
Section 902 Duty of custodian of will -- Liability.
Section 1001 Honorary trusts -- Trusts for pets.
Section 1201 Statutory Rule Against Perpetuities.
Section 1202 Uniformity of application and construction.
Section 1203 Validity of nonvested property interest -- Validity of general power of appointment subject to a condition precedent -- Validity of nongeneral or testamentary power of appointment -- Effect of certain "later-of" type language.
Section 1204 When nonvested property interest or power of appointment created.
Section 1205 Reformation.
Section 1206 Exclusions from statutory rule against perpetuities.
Section 1206.5 Savings provision.
Section 1207 Prospective application.
Section 1208 Rule against perpetuities does not apply.
Section 1209 Real estate conveyed to a trust under the Statutory Rule Against Perpetuities.
Section 1301 Transitional provisions.
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