Title 75 Chapter 5

Title 75Utah Uniform Probate Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 5Protection of Persons Under Disability and Their Property (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Jurisdiction of subject matter -- Consolidation of proceedings.
Section 102 Facility of payment or delivery.
Section 103 Delegation of powers by parent or guardian.
Section 104 Power of court to appoint guardian ad litem not affected.
Section 105 Bond of guardian.
Section 201 Status of guardian of minor -- General.
Section 202 Appointment of guardian of minor.
Section 202.5 Appointment of guardian by written instrument.
Section 203 Objection to appointment.
Section 204 Court appointment of guardian of minor -- Conditions for appointment.
Section 205 Court appointment of guardian of minor -- Venue.
Section 206 Court appointment of guardian of minor -- Qualifications -- Priority of minor's nominee.
Section 207 Court appointment of guardian of minor -- Procedure.
Section 208 Consent to service by acceptance of appointment -- Notice.
Section 209 Powers and duties of guardian of minor -- Residual parental rights and duties -- Adoption of a ward.
Section 210 Termination of appointment of guardian -- General.
Section 211 Proceedings subsequent to appointment -- Venue.
Section 212 Resignation or removal proceedings.
Section 301 Appointment of guardian for incapacitated person.
Section 302 Venue.
Section 303 Procedure for court appointment of a guardian of an incapacitated person.
Section 304 Findings -- Limited guardianship preferred -- Order of appointment.
Section 305 Acceptance of appointment -- Consent to jurisdiction.
Section 306 Termination of guardianship for incapacitated person.
Section 307 Removal or resignation of guardian -- Termination of incapacity.
Section 308 Visitor in guardianship proceeding.
Section 309 Notices in guardianship proceedings.
Section 310 Emergency guardians.
Section 310.5 Temporary guardians.
Section 311 Who may be guardian -- Priorities.
Section 312 General powers and duties of guardian -- Penalties.
Section 313 Proceedings subsequent to appointment -- Venue.
Section 314 Mentally incompetent veteran -- Evidence of necessity for appointment of guardian.
Section 315 Copies of public records furnished to veterans administration.
Section 316 Expedited guardianship proceedings.
Section 401 Protective proceedings.
Section 402 Protective proceedings -- Jurisdiction of affairs of protected persons.
Section 403 Venue.
Section 404 Original petition for appointment or protective order.
Section 405 Notice.
Section 406 Protective proceedings -- Request for notice -- Interested person.
Section 407 Procedure concerning hearing and order on original petition.
Section 408 Permissible court orders.
Section 409 Protective arrangements and single transactions authorized.
Section 410 Who may be appointed conservator -- Priorities.
Section 411 Bond.
Section 412 Terms and requirements of bonds.
Section 413 Acceptance of appointment -- Consent to jurisdiction.
Section 414 Compensation and expenses.
Section 415 Death, resignation, or removal of conservator.
Section 416 Petitions for orders subsequent to appointment.
Section 417 General duty of conservator.
Section 418 Inventory and records.
Section 419 Accounts.
Section 420 Conservators -- Title by appointment.
Section 421 Recording of conservator's letters.
Section 422 Sale, encumbrance or transaction involving conflict of interest -- Voidable -- Exceptions.
Section 423 Persons dealing with conservators -- Protection.
Section 424 Powers of conservator in administration.
Section 425 Distributive duties and powers of conservator.
Section 426 Enlargement or limitation of powers of conservator.
Section 427 Preservation of estate plan.
Section 428 Claims against protected person -- Enforcement.
Section 429 Individual liability of conservator.
Section 430 Termination of proceeding.
Section 431 Payment of debt and delivery of property to foreign conservator without local proceedings.
Section 432 Foreign conservator -- Proof of authority -- Bond -- Powers.
Section 433 Embezzlement of protected person's estate -- Citation to person suspected.
Section 501 Power of attorney not affected by disability or lapse of time -- Agent responsibilities.
Section 502 Other powers of attorney not revoked until notice of death or disability.
Section 503 Power of attorney -- Prohibitions and restrictions.
Section 504 Voidable transactions.
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