Title 13 Chapter 39 Section 302

Commerce and Trade
Child Protection Registry
Section 302
Civil action for violation.


13-39-302.   Civil action for violation.

            (1) For a violation of Section 13-39-202, an action may be brought by:

            (a) a user of a contact point or domain name registered with the division under Section 13-39-201; or

            (b) a legal guardian of a user described in Subsection (1)(a).

            (2) In each action under Subsection (1):

            (a) a person described in Subsection (1) may recover the greater of:

            (i) actual damages; or

            (ii) $1,000 for each communication sent in violation of Section 13-39-202; and

            (b) the prevailing party shall be awarded costs and reasonable attorney fees.

Enacted by Chapter 338, 2004 General Session