Title 53A Chapter 1 Section 607

State System of Public Education
Administration of Public Education at the State Level
Section 607
Scoring -- Reports of results.


53A-1-607.   Scoring -- Reports of results.

            (1) Each local school board and charter school shall submit all answer sheets for the achievement tests administered under U-PASS on a per-school and per-class basis to the state superintendent of public instruction for scoring unless the test requires scoring by a national testing service.

            (2) The district, school, and class results of the U-PASS testing program, but not the score or relative position of individual students, shall be reported to each local school board or charter school governing board annually at a regularly scheduled meeting.

            (3) Each local board and charter school governing board shall make copies of the report available to the general public upon request.

            (4) The board may charge a fee for the copying costs.

            (5) The State Board of Education shall annually provide to school districts and charter schools a comprehensive report for each of their students showing the student's U-PASS test results for each year the student took a U-PASS test. School districts and charter schools shall give a copy of the comprehensive report to the student's parents and make the report available to school staff, as appropriate.

Amended by Chapter 299, 2009 General Session